Nature Based Retreats


Sophie Rogers RDMP PP MA BA

Nature in Mind

Offering therapeutic processes to deepen awareness of self and relationship with others.

Psychotherapy with Sophie

I can offer you time and space at my private peaceful venue to explore and untangle your worries through a creative integrative psychotherapeutic process: person centred, dance movement and art process.

We can also work outdoors, or we can work online together. What works for you is at the centre of my practice.

Nature Based Retreats

Offers groups and individuals to be led through a thoughtful creative nature based experience, to nurture and nourish self and connectedness.

The natural environment is a place to (re)connect with self and Earth. It lifts spirits, brings clarity, offers mind chance to breathe and consider peacefully. it offers body space to relax, to mould to natures contours, its organic no straight flat surfaces, no distinct paths. We go for a walk and meander, our body mind journey unfolds without much conscious decision making. I'm on the beach, I trace the tide line, I collect a stone, I meander around a stream, I paddle in a deep pool feeling the wet silky sand, I sit and watch, I lie and close my eyes. I hear a sound-scape that will never be the same again.


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