About Therapy

My practice is integrative, which means using more than one psychotherapeutic approach. I offer a space for clients to explore in movement, dance, art and play, as well as in speaking techniques. These support people in processing and releasing any blocked feelings.

Quite often we can struggle to find words to express what we really feel. Sometimes a gesture or a sound can come a lot more easily - after all, babies and toddlers do this all the time. In today’s society we are much more accustomed to expressing ourselves in words, but we are moving and sounding beings, so it also makes sense to use these senses when it comes to understanding and healing ourselves.

My aim is to help you untangle your worries and realise your potential, and in addition to work towards improving your self-awareness and understanding.

I offer creative ways for you to explore and express yourself. These can include: talking and storytelling, art making, dance, and movement, play, being outdoors in the woods or on the beach. The choice is yours.

I am influenced by the natural world and fascinated by our deep and complex connections. I value self-awareness, recognising the important role it plays in our lives and the need to nurture it.

What to expect when we meet
I offer a safe confidential place. I will support you to feel comfortable. I will listen to you and have no expectations. We will work together at your pace. You are welcome to talk, draw and move. I am versatile in my practice, aiming to meet your individual needs.

It is normal when ‘in therapy’ to meet once a week for one hour, but this is not mandatory. We can meet more or less frequently: the choice is yours.

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